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Whippet Real Good


Whippet Height : 17 - 20 inches

Whippet Weight : 28 lbs.

Whippet Colors : Any color or mixture of colors

Country of Origin: England.

Coat: Fine and dense. There are many possible colors, but most often seen are beige, blue, roan, black, black and white, or white with streaked or yellow patches.

Character: The Whippet is affectionate, peaceful, intelligent, and great with children.

Temperament: Whippets are good with children but do not take kindly to strangers. They cannot suppress the urge to chase anything that moves quickly. They are tolerant of other dogs, enjoy children, and will leave the family cat alone.

Care: Occasional brushing to remove dead hairs should be sufficient. It is necessary to give the dog something to chew to avoid tartar buildup. Its claws must be kept trimmed short.

Training: It is important to include much variety in the training of a Whippet. It will respond well if training includes games and running. However, it is not possible to achieve perfect obedience from this dog.

Activity: Being a small Greyhound, a Whippet needs to race and hunt. Plenty of exercise is required.

Description : Looking much like miniature Greyhounds, Whippets are medium sized sight hounds giving the appearance of elegance and fitness.. They are recognized as one of the fastest breeds in the world. Whippets are gentle, affectionate and adaptable. They make splendid watch dogs, delightful companions and great jogging partners. They are also one of the friendliest of the sight hounds.


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