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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Other Names : African Lion Hound

Rhodesian Ridgeback Height : 24 - 27 inches

Rhodesian Ridgeback Weight : 65 - 85 lbs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Colors : Light wheaten to red wheaten.

Country of Origin: Zimbabwe.

Coat: Short-haired with a strip of hair that runs in the opposite direction along the back. Color is light to reddish brown. The mask is dark.

Character: This breed is intelligent and straightforward. They are independent, brave, cautious around strangers, and learn quickly.

Temperament: Early socialization with cats and other dogs will prevent later problems. Provided they are not pestered by them, the Ridgeback is kind with children. It is somewhat reserved around strangers.

Care: Brush it periodically. When it is shedding, use a rubber brush to remove dead hairs.

Training: Rhodesian Ridgebacks are somewhat stubborn, so a consistent and firm approach to training is required.

Activity: This breed's tremendous stamina makes its exercise needs rather substantial. Regular long walks are required, as well as other outdoor activities where it can burn off some steam.

Description : The Rhodesian Ridgeback's uniqueness is the ridge on the back, formed by the hair growing in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. They are strong, muscular, active dogs capable of great endurance with speed. They are friendly and obedient and need socialization at an early age to accept cats, dogs and other pets.


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