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Pomeranian Height: 8 - 11 inches

Pomeranian Weight: 4 - 10 lbs.

Pomeranian Colors: All colors, but free from black or white shadings; whole colors are white, black, brown, light or dark blue.

Country of Origin: Germany.

Coat: Colors are orange, black, brown, white, or grey. The hair is long and straight, with a thick undercoat.

Character: The Pomeranian is intelligent, eager to learn, and very loyal to its family.

Temperament: The Pomeranian gets along well with other dogs and household pets. However, it will not enjoy too much attention from children.

Care: The Pomeranian's coat should be combed every three weeks followed by light brushing. Excessive grooming will damage the undercoat.

Training: Pomeranians must be trained early that they should not bark more than a few times when there are visitors or if the doorbell rings. The intelligence of this breed makes training fairly easy.

Activity: Short walks and playing in the yard are sufficient activity to keep a Pomeranian happy.

Pomeranian Description: One of the most popular of the Toy breeds, the Pomeranian enjoys human or canine companionship. They adore being pampered and petted and love to be active and playful. Affectionate and faithful, this little dog makes an excellent companion.


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