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Puppy Paradise offers a wide selection of supplies and grooming accessories. We have over a thousand items at our location and many items that aren't listed here. We are working hard to bring to you all of our products. You can call us for more information and answers about any products even if you don't see them here.

All Major Brand Names Dry & Wet

Collars, Leashes, Home & House Supplies
Everything you need to prepare your home for your new puppy

Brushes, Shampoos, Medical Supplies and any thing else for your pets personal grooming

Outfits & Apparel
Latest Dog Apparel, all sizes and colors dress you pet in the cutest outfits around

Chews, Rawhides & Treats
Got a chewing dog? Solve your problems with large selection of chews and treats to promote good behavior

Is your Puppy Bored? Just like children puppies get bored too. Keep them happy with plenty of toys.

Anything Else
Anything that we missed

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