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Puppy Paradise offers a wide selection of supplies to keep your new puppy happy and healthy! 



We want to ensure that our pups have a smooth transition to their new homes, so we send them off with a care package! You will receive a set of the same food your puppy has been eating while in our nursery: a bag of Pro Pac Puppy kibble, Cesar wet food, a tube of Nutri-Vyte gel, and a bully stick. The best part? Unlike with other pet stores, this is our gift to you and there is no additional charge!

Crates and Playpens
While you probably can't wait for your puppy to sleep next to your bed on yours, the truth is that your puppy needs a small, confined area for the first few weeks and months. We carry appropriately sized crates for all breeds that we carry!

18 inch - Yorkies, Maltese, Chihuahuas, Breeds under 10 lbs

24 inch - Shih Tzus, Bichon, Dachshund, Schnauzer, Breeds under 20lbs

30 inch - Beagles, Puggles, Shiba Inu, Breeds under 30lbs

36 inch - Husky, Bulldog, Breeds under 50lbs, Two Breeds under 10lbs with divider

42 inch - Labrador, Golden, Goldendoodle, Boxer, Breeds under 100lbs

We also carry IRIS playpens for a more open-air solution. 

Leashes and Collars
We carry Lupine brand leashes and adjustable collars. These products are guaranteed against chewing damage, just in case your puppy decides that there's nothing more fun than teething on its leash or collar.

Most vets will recommend that you do not walk your dog out in public until they receive their rabies vaccinations, usually at around 4 months of age. Until then, pick up some wee wee pads and begin the training process indoors

Chews and Toys
Puppies are naturally inclined to teethe. Their mouth is their primary method of interacting with their environment and their baby teeth are making way for their adult teeth, which is a painful process in of itself. It's up to you, the new pet parent, to provide your puppy with safe things to teethe on: preferably not your fingers, furniture, or shoes! We carry a variety of chews and toys to keep your puppy occupied, whether it be a bully stick, durable rope toys, ball toys which can hold treats, or fun squeaky toys!

The best way to train your puppy is by rewarding immediately after performing a good deed on command. *under construction*

Grooming Supplies
*under construction*

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