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Munckin Height : 8-14 inches

Munchkin Weight : 8-10 lbs.

Munckin Colors : All Colors; Most are White 

Country of Origin: United States

Coat: Can be long or short. A variety of colors are acceptable.

Character: These dogs are intelligent and sometimes too brave for their own good. They usually bond with only one person.

Temperament: Living with other dogs and cats is usually not a problem. Small children may regard the dog as a toy.

Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required. The claws must be kept trimmed, and teeth must be checked frequently for tartar buildup.

Training: Although they are usually not trained because of their small size,Munchkin are eager to learn.

Activity:Munchkin can usually get enough exercise by running around indoors

Description : The Munchkin Is A Cute Little Hybrid That Has A Lot Of Life. They Do Need Grooming As They Don't Shed Much If At All. We Use A Bichon Female And A Very Small Chihuahua Male. They Come In All Colors And If They Are Bred Right; Are A Very Fluffy Little Dog. They Make Excellent Watch Dogs. Weighing 8-10 Lbs At Maturity, Some Are Smaller. They May Try To Protect The Family And Sometimes Think They Are As Big As A German Shepherd. They Are Very Loyal And Would Die To Please The Family.  They Are Very Alert And Always On The Job.


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