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English Mastiff

English Mastiff Height : Male dogs from 30 inches, Bitches from 27 inches

English Mastiff Weight : Male dogs about 160 pounds, Bitches about 150 pounds

English Mastiff Colors : golden fawn, light fawn, brindle, silver, tiger, and apricot

Other Names : English Mastiff; Old English Mastiff

Country of Origin: Italy/Malta.

Coat: Coat is short-haired. Can be silver, yellow, apricot, or streaked.

Character: The Mastiff will rarely bark, but will defend its territory and family. This breed is confident, dignified, and gentle-natured.

Temperament: Mastiffs are usually good with children, and if properly socialized, they get along fine with other dogs and household pets.

Care: As with all very large dogs, the Mastiff needs a soft place to lie down to avoid pressure marks. Extra attention should be paid to his nutritional needs. Dead and loose hairs should be removed with a rubber brush when the dog is shedding.

Training: Training must be conducted in atmosphere of mutual respect, with consistency and understanding.

Activity: The activity of the puppies of this breed needs to be controlled. It grows so rapidly that all of its energy should be saved for development. In spite of its large size, the adult Mastiff has only an average need for exercise.

Mastiff Description: The Old English Mastiff is one of the heaviest of dog breeds with males sometimes exceeding 200 pounds. Characteristically, there is a black mask around the eyes and nose no matter what the general coat color. Today's Mastiff is a gentle giant. It is a self-confident, watchful, and patient dog who is gentle-natured towards his owners. Intelligent and dignified, they rarely bark, but it is their nature to defend their territory and family and they respond well to gentle, patient training. A born guard dog, when strangers visit, it is likely to refuse to let them in unless they are excepted by its handler. The Mastiff generally holds intruders at bay rather than attacking.


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