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Malti-Poo Height : 14-15 inches

Malti-PooWeight : Miniature/Mini - 13 to 18 pounds

Malti-Poo Colors: Most common are white,

Country of Origin: United States.

Coat: Fine, frizzy, wooly. Permitted colors are grey, brown, apricot, black, and white.

Character: Malti-Poo are sensitive, intelligent, lively, playful, and eager to learn. They bond closely with their family.

Temperament: This breed gets along well with other animals, other dogs, and children. Visitors will be announced, but they are generally friendly toward them.

Care: Malti-Poo do not shed and can be washed often.

Training: The intelligence of a Poodle makes training a fairly simple process. They quickly learn what is expected of them.

Activity: Malti-Poo can live happily in an apartment, but they still need quite a lot of exercise.

Description : Malti-Poos are sweet little dogs that take the best characteristic's of both Poodle and Maltese to create a perfect lap dog. They are easy going toy breed, small and require brushing to maintain there coat. They are good with children and are very smart. the often appear to be look right at you using your facial expressions in order to tell what mood your in.


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