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Sweet PetShop
Sweet Pet Shop

A great online shop to buy all of your pet supplies

Merrick Pet Care
Merrick Pet Care

We still keep working harder to perfect the treats that dogs have come to love.
The secret to our products is the simplistic approach we take in making them.

Nutro Products
Nutro Products

At Nutro Products we have more than 75 years of experience creating great-tasting,
nutritious pet foods.


Doggiefood.com is determined to supply only natural, species specific,
dog and cat products. Specializing in organic pet foods, oils & supplements.

The Iams Company

Welcome to Iams on the Web. We’re pet lovers just like you...with a particular passion for dog and cat nutrition. We know what an incredible difference good nutrition makes in keeping pets happy and healthy.

Midwest Homes for Pets
Midwest Homes for Pets

Our approach to business is quite simple--to provide you with quality products at the best possible price. It is this philosophy which has guided our company since 1921.

Central Gardens & Pet
Central Garden & Pet

Our objective is to provide high quality, premium pet products that enrich the pet ownership experience and tighten the bond between families and their pets.

Doctors Foster & Smith
Doctors Foster and Smith

We're proud to have helped whole generations of companion animals live happier and healthier lives by standing behind their owners with expert advice and affordable pet supplies, ensuring each animal receives the best care they deserve.


DogLeggs® iare an attractive, therapeutic treatment for the calluses, soreness, swelling, lameness and arthritis that cause many dogs to suffer. Your dog’s rough calluses become soft and supple. Dogleggs prevent the wearing away of the elbow hair.




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