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Japanese Chin

Other Names : Japanese Spaniel

Japanese Chin Height : 9 inches

Japanese Chin Weight : 4 - 7 lbs.

Japanese Chin Colors : White and black or white and red and white all shades, including sable, lemon and orange.

Country of Origin: China

Coat: Hair is long and soft and should not be curly. Accepted colors are black and white or red and white.

Character: This dog is affectionate, playful, and cheerful. They like to be the center of attention but do not bark often.

Temperament: This breed cannot cope with rough handling by larger dogs or children. Otherwise, it gets along with just about all living creatures.

Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb (twice a week) is required. To keep the coat white, the dog needs to be washed periodically.

Training: Keep in mind that this dog can have a slight stubbornness. However, there should be no difficulty training it.

Activity: Although this dog enjoys running, romping, and playing, it is well-suited for apartment life.

Description : Japanese Chins are lively, tiny animals, dainty in appearance. They love to cavort and play. With their compact carriage and thick, lengthy coat, their movement is stylish, lifting feet high when in action, and carrying their tails proudly curved or plumed over the back. Formerly called the Japanese Spaniel, the name was changed to the Japanese Chin in 1977. A gentle and affectionate breed, they are meticulously clean and very easy to house break. They are affectionate, playful lapdogs and make excellent companions.


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