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Other Names : Havana Silk Dog, Bichon Havanais

Height : 8.5 - 11.5 inches

Weight : 7 - 13 lbs.

Colors : All colors and combinations.

Country of Origin: Cuba

Coat: Is non-shedding, and can come in a variety of colors including cream, chocolate, pure white, or combinations of several colors.

Character: The Havanese is very intelligent, happy-go-lucky, lively, and playful.

Temperament: Havanese get along well with children and other pets. They do well in almost every social situation.

Care: The coat requires brushing often and is not normally clipped.

Training: This breed is eager to please, but positive reinforcement works best.

Activity: This breed's need for exercise are average. Short walks once or twice a day should keep it happy.

Description : One of the barbichon (later shortened to bichon) family of small dogs originating in the Mediterranean in ancient times. This is a busy, curious dog; it is happiest when it is the center of attention. It loves to play and clown and is affectionate with its family, children, strangers, other dogs and pets „ basically everyone! The Havanese is willing to please and learn easily, but it tends to be vocal.


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