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Height : Dogs 28-30 inches (71-76cm) Bitches 27-28 inches (68-71cm)

Weight : Dogs 65-70 pounds (29-32kg) Bitches 60-65 pounds (27-29kg}

Colors : Black, white, red, blue, fawn, fallow brindle or any of these colors broken with white

Country of Origin: England

Coat: Is smooth, close and short-haired. Colors are orange, black, white, fawn, or a roan of these colors with or without white markings.

Character: Greyhounds are calm and sociable. When indoors, they can be so relaxed that some are considered lazy. They are intelligent, have tremendous stamina, sensitive, and bond closely with their family.

Temperament: The Greyhound likes to chase anything that moves quickly, so it generally is not a good companion for cats. Although cautious around strangers, it is normally very good with children and enjoys the company of other dogs.

Care: Occasional grooming with a soft brush should be sufficient. Ears should be checked regularly and the claws should be kept trimmed.

Training: This breed is fairly easy to train, and is usually obedient unless it has its eyes on potential prey.

Activity: This dog needs to run and walk for great distances daily.

Description : Greyhounds are renowned for their speed. Sleek with a very deep chest and an extraordinarily flexible, curved spine. They are sensitive, intellient, gentle and loyal; often reserved in manner toward both master and strangers. Normally good with children and quiet in the home, they make good family pets.


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