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Fox Terrier (Wire)

Height : 15.5 inches

Weight : 16 - 18 lbs.

Colors : White with tan or black markings; white should dominate.

Other Names : Wire Fox Terrier

Country of Origin: England

Coat: Dense wiry texture. Undercoat is finer, shorter and softer. May be crinkly or slightly wavey but never curly.

Character: The Wire Fox Terrier is energetic and playful. It is quick to play with children but may bite. It is alert and loyal to their family.

Temperament: Is an agressive dog. Has been known to pick fights with other dogs. Although good watchdogs, they do like to bark.

Care: Brush with a firm brisle brush and bathe as needed. If wanting to show dog, dog must have coat stripped several times a year.

Training: Smart and able to learn new tricks. Must be obedience trained.

Activity: Needs plenty of excerise. May get destructive without it.

Description : Wire Haired Fox Terriers are identical to the Smooth Fox Terriers except for their coats. The are affectionate and trainable and can make an ideal child's companion. They love to play and do everything with full force such as scrambling over furniture to reach a ball. Eager to please and clean in their household habits, these terriers make delightful companions for active people.


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