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Fox Terrier (Smooth]

Height : 15.5 inches

Weight : 16 - 18 lbs.

Colors : White with tan or black markings. White should be predominate.

Country of Origin: England

Coat: Coat is short, smooth, flat, hard and dense.

Character: This dog is very loyal and affectionate. It is playful and energetic and has an abundance of courage.

Temperament: Needs to be socialized well as a puppy. Will pick fights with other dogs. Although playful with children, they need to be watched as they can bite. Likes to bark and explore.

Care: Brush with a firm bristled brush. This dog does shed. Bathe when necessary.

Training: Needs to be obediance trained from puppyhood. This training needs to be consistent as the dog may challenge authority on occasion.

Activity: Needs regular exercise either in the form of long walks or in a fenced in yard.

Description : Smooth Fox Terriers are energetic, inquisitive and playful little dogs. They love to run, chase and explore. One of the oldest of the terrier breeds, they were bred to dig down into burrows to flush out foxes or catch other small animals. Easy to live with, they enjoy being a part of a family.


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