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English Toy Spaniel

Other Names : King Charles Spaniel

English Toy Spaniels Height : 18 - 22 inches

English Toy Spaniels Weight : 30 - 100 lbs.

English Toy Spaniels Colors : White / Red

Country of Origin: England

Coat: Hair is long, soft, and lightly waved. Colors can be black and tan, ruby, or chestnut on pearl white.

Character: This dog loves to be with the family and craves attention. They are cheerful, playful, and intelligent. They hardly ever bark.

Temperament: The Toy Spaniel gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets.

Care: Facial folds need to be treated with a special lotion periodically. The coat must be brushed twice a week.

Training: The intelligence of this breed makes training fairly easy.

Activity: The exercise needs of this dog are uncomplicated. It will adapt itself to the activity level of your family.

English Toy Spaniel Description : The haughty English Toy Spaniel enjoys a life of leisure, punctuated with rollicking romps. It is a lap dog par excellence „ gentle, amiable, calm and quiet „ yet it is playful and attentive. It is utterly devoted to its family and reserved with strangers.


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