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English Cocker Spaniel

Other Names : Cocker Spaniel

Height : 15 - 16 inches

Weight : 28 - 32 lbs.

Colors : Black is the preferred breeder color; various; self (pure) colors, white on chest not acceptable for show

Country of Origin: England

Coat: Medium-length, silky and smooth. It should not be curly. The most common colors are liver roan (with or without tan markings), orange roan, blue roan, liver patches (with or without tan markings), black, black and tan, white with black, red, russet brown, or liver.

Character: The English Cocker Spaniel is intelligent, lively, gentle, affectionate, and easygoing.

Temperament: This dog gets along very well with other dogs, family pets, and children.

Care: Regular grooming with a brush and comb is required, as the coat is prone to tangles. Special attention should be paid to the hair on the legs and ears. It may be necessary to take the dog to a grooming professional two - four times a year to have excess hair trimmed or plucked. The ears should be cleaned regularly.

Training: This breed is naturally willing to learn and quickly understands what is expected of it. A great deal of understanding and consistency during training is necessary as it may try to take over your role.

Activity: Three walks a day are usually enough to keep them happy, but they also need to have regular opportunities to run freely in the countryside. Most really enjoy swimming.

Description : The English Cocker Spaniel is a bit larger than its American counterpart (American Cocker Spaniel) with shorter hair, yet still well proportioned. As part of the gundog group this breed is able to flush out and retrieve game birds from undergrowth. A gentle, energetic and intelligent pet with a merry disposition. An excellent family pet.


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