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Other Names : Scottish Collie

Collie Height : 22 - 26 inches

Collie Weight : 51- 75 lbs.

Collie Colors : Sable and white, tri colored and blue merle

Country of Origin: Scotland

Coat: Can be either rough or smooth. Acceptable colors are sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, or white. If white, markings are preferred.

Character: The Collie is mild-mannered, gentle, and eager to work. Occasionally it can be a bit stubborn.

Temperament: This breed is good with children, and if properly socialized it gets along well with other household pets.

Care: The coat of the smooth variety needs to be brushed periodically. The rough variety needs to brushed or combed every other day, more when shedding.

Training: Collies are sensitive to the tone of the trainer's voice, so best results are achieved through positive reinforcement.

Activity: It is necessary for a Collie to have a good walk or jog on leash or a chance to run around and indulge in physical play every day.

Description : Of Scottish heritage, Collies are the picture of true balance and proportion and considered one of the most beautiful of all dog breeds. Collies are of two coat varieties, Smooth Coated (the less common) and the Rough Coated with the only difference being the length of the coat. Loyal, intelligent and easily trainable, Collies are excellent family dogs who enjoy human contact and companionship. This is the breed of dog featured in the Lassie movies and television shows.


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