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David Barber opened to the public"Pet Barbers" in 1980 to provide New York City with the best pet grooming facility around, as we became larger we expanded our facility to accommodate boarding animals, later puppy and kitten nursery and all major pet supplies. In 1995 Pet Barbers change its name and renovated its location, "Puppy Paradise Inc" was created to reflect the changes David had made and to show New York that we are now the total package.

David Barber has 30 years experience in handling dogs and cats and providing an enjoyable service to the public......David's experience dates back to 1970 at the age of 12.  Many jobs overlapped, as he was at times involved in 4 different positions at the same time.  His love and care for his work should be noticed by his achievements:

1970-1979 Handled over 100 dogs a day at Mr. Lucky's dog training and boarding school which included feeding, cleaning and washing all trained dogs.

1973-1979 Worked for Ronnie's dog grooming and dog training.......responsibilities included opening the store, taking care of all pets, feeding, walking, grooming, customer care, cleaning, ordering supplies and closing up.

1977-1979 Worked for Dyker dog grooming salon and groomed up to 20 dogs a day.

1975-1982 Groomed dogs and cats in peoples homes (mobile groomer) doing six separate jobs a day and many times groomed up to 8 dogs a day.....that's a lot of traveling.

1980-Present  Opened up the grooming store Pet Barbers till 1995 then expanded it to include boarding, grooming, pet supplies, puppies, kittens, pet transportation and veterinarian care and changed the name to Puppy Paradise to reflect the total package.

David's Resume

1977  Organizer and director of the New York Grooming Contest in conjunction with the Jay Winters Pet Trade Show in New York City .

1977-1980 Board of directors and treasurer for the Northeast Professional Dog Groomers Association

1996-1999 Board of directors and treasurer for the New York Pet Professionals Association

1975-Present Lifetime member of the National Dog Groomers Association

1982-Present American Boarding Kennels Association member
Membership to the Massachusetts ABKA

1985-Present Master Certified Groomer

1989 Membership to International Groomers Association

1979-Present Nationally certified master dog groomer

1978 Certified in public speaking

1982 First place contest winner in poodle grooming

1983 Second place contest winner in terrier division

1989 Certified in:
                               Business relations
                               Aggressive animals
                               Skin & coat problems
                               Business management
                               Pesticide control by the Dept. of Agriculture


1981 Certified animal rescue tech

1981 Certified with Dept. of Health

1990 Animal Control Officers Workshop

1993 Pesticide control by the Dept. of Agriculture

Proguard Your Pet
1994 Patent holder
(5299,531) and innovative invention of the " Pro-Guard Softie " dog muzzle that allows dogs to open their mouth to breathe while at the same time restricting dog bites. (www.proguardpets.com)

Pro Guard Your Pet
1988 Patent holder
(4,747,842) for the " Cut Stop Holder " which allows all animal professionals to apply blood stop (styptic powder) to needed areas to stop bleeding immediately. (proguardpets.com)

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