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Brussels Griffon

Height : 7 - 8 inches

Weight : 6 - 12 lbs.

Colors : Red, black, black and tan, red with black

Country of Origin: Belgium.

Coat: Is rough-haired and reddish-pink. It may have black on its nose and chin.

Character: Curious, mischievous, and playful, the Brussels Griffon is eager to learn.

Temperament: This dog gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets. It always enjoys company.

Care: The coat should be plucked by hand on a regular basis. The beard needs to be combed frequently to remove food particles.

Training: The intelligence of this breed makes training fairly easy.

Activity: Although the Brussels Griffon is perfectly happy with apartment life, it enjoys the occasional country outing.

Description : The Brussels Griffon is a "personality plus" breed and is known for the almost human expression on his face. They are highly intelligent and sensitive. This toy breed makes for a great companion, bright and alert. If they feel threatened, they can kick up a big fuss. There are two distinct types of coat: rough or smooth. Except for coat, there is no difference between the two.


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