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Other Names: Congo Dog, Congo Terrier, African Barkless Dog

Basenji Height: 16 - 17 inches

Basenji Weight: 21 - 24 lbs.

Basenji Colors: Black, red, tri-color, brindle. White on his chest, feet and tail tips.

Country of Origin: Africa.

Coat: Is short-haired, fine and dense.

Character: The Basenji has an unusual yodel-like bark. Although very independent-minded, it bonds very closely with its family.

Temperament: This breed can be trusted with children, but does not make an ideal playmate. Basenjis must be socialized at a young age so that they know that other household pets are not prey.

Care: Occasional grooming with a coarse rubber brush is required.

Training: The independence of the Basenji can make it difficult to train. It is not known for its obedience.

Activity: This dog can live in an apartment, provided that it is taken for regular walks.

Description: Basenjis are affectionate, handsome, muscular dogs. Though barkless, they do have a repertoire of sounds ranging from a pleasing throaty crow to a keen wail made when lonely or unhappy. Ancestors date back to the days of the Pharoahs making Basenjis one of the oldest breeds of dogs. They are native to Africa where they assist in hunting.. The name means "wild and violent" in Swahili. Basenjis make a good family pets so long as they are handled on a regular basis from an early age.


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