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Winter 2006 Care Tips

Too many pet owners leave Puppy Paradise everyday saying that the great haircut their pet just received should hold over “until the weather gets warm again”.

Unfortunately, it is common misconception among pet owners that their pets need a thick matted coat to keep warm during the winter. Actually, this is falsehood that can do more harm than good.

A dense, matted coat may appear warm but, these thick layers of hair contribute to many skin disorders.

A matted pet’s skin over time locks moisture under the hair and dries the skin, and this repeated process can contribute to many skin problems from dry skin to dermatitis, infected ears, painfully long toenails and other complex rashes which take weeks to go away and can cost a lot in medical expenses.

Your pet’s skin needs as much cleansing and moisturization as yours does. Every winter many people suffer from mild bouts with dry, cracked skin that is easily treatable with lotions. But imagine if you had a thick mat of hair covering that dry skin. Doesn’t sound comfortable, huh? But how can you avoid making your pet suffer through a long, harsh winter?

The simple, easy, and inexpensive way is through regular grooming. For most breeds, once every 6 to 8 weeks is enough to keep their coat in top condition and their skin, ears, and nails healthy.

Many studies have shown that light, fluffy coats are far warmer than thick, matted coats in the cold weather. When matted, hair becomes compressed and loses much of it s insulating properties.

Also, by maintaining your pet’s coat throughout the winter, you can avoid shaving him or her down for the summer months, a style which many pet owners feel guilty about giving to their pets.

At Puppy Paradise, we can pamper your pet and keep him or her looking and feeling great all year round.

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