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Pet Plastic Surgery?!

Does your dog beg for plastic surgery?

How much is that doggie in the window?

And, if its snout is imperfect, what's the cost of a nose job?

Nowadays, you can take your pet to a veterinary plastic surgeon and get him a real rhinoplasty. The trend seemed to pick up steam in 2005 when Dr. Alan J. Schulman of the Animal Medical Center of Southern California told MSNBC that, as an orthopedic veterinary surgeon, he was perfecty willing to perform any kind of legitimate plastic surgery for an animal (to improve breathing, for instance, or fix broken teeth or eliminate diseased skin folds). But, he insisted, no liposuction.

A nose job at that time would have cost $2,000.

The future, darlings. How far can you go with cosmetic surgery for your pet? Well, as Fox News reported recently, a Missourian named Gregg Miller claims that more than 200,000 animals have been equipped by his CTI company with his patented "neuticles" - artificial testicles designed to make neutered pets (usually dogs) look more "masculine."

Of course cats, horses - even bulls - also can be so endowed. The going price for the "neuticles" is $79 to $400. They're sold in pairs. Just make sure you order the right size.


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