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Other Names : Akita Inu, Japanese Akita

Akita Height : 24 - 28 inches

Akita Weight : 75 - 120 lbs.

Akita Colors : Any colors including white, brindle and pinto, with or without a mask.

Country of Origin: Japan.

Coat: The hair is straight and coarse, and the undercoat is soft and dense. Permitted colors are red, white, and streaked.

Character: Akitas have a strong hunting instinct and are calm, intelligent, and good watchdogs. Barking, however, is infrequent.

Temperament: Akitas prefer not to have other dogs around. There will be problems if they do not become acquainted with cats and other household pets early in life. They get along with children, provided that they do not invade their personal space. Strangers will get a chilly reception.

Care: Twice a year, when the dog is shedding, it will be necessary to groom it with a metal-toothed comb.

Training: A confident and consistent approach is appropriate in training an Akita. Repetitive drills hinder the training process.

Activity: Although they have considerable stamina, Akitas do not mind if they do not get taken on long walks every day.

Description : The largest of the Japanese Spitz-type breed, Akitas are powerful and alert, with much substance and heavy bone. Distinguishing characteristics are their deep muzzle, small eyes and erect ears, and a large curled tail. They are recognized, also, for their fierce love, loyalty and obedience to their owners. Akitas need space and should not be confined.


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